Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Veiled Girl

On those plain days, I will walk the street

Catching my way through people, counting at my own heart beat

Each glances of the passersby I meet

I modestly lower my gaze, looking down at my feet.

As they see me, I can see the look of their eyes

Are lit from feel of respect or mocking lies

What or how they see me, those doesn’t bother

For who I am by the side of Allah, which is the only matter

Some may wonder why I am covered to my feet

Bundled up in clothes in cold or heat

I wish they all could comprehend and see

I am doing this all for Allah, the Almighty

This clothes I wear isn’t a mark of weakness

I am covering myself for much bigger greatness

I feel free and protected from vicious eyes

My faith for Allah is strong even they try to denies

One day, you may see that girl

Modestly making her way through people

And maybe, one day you’ll see

How its like to be me.


dyana said...

yg ni poem ko tulis haritu ea..ksi prabih.aha..gud2